“Everything can be taken from a (where)man but one thing:

to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances,

to choose one’s own way”

This site is a personal capacity shall seek their own chests and recurring themes in a killing pit to smother. If it excites or inspires others is a bonus. The sometimes shocking, tragic experiences described, based on facts. There are other names and persons / events are often distorted, changed and connected to each other. Any recognition of persons based on chance and refers to the frequent occurrence of similar ways of thinking, behavior and events. Unless addressed word in public events.

‘schrijven is niet vertellen wat het is, maar al schrijvend onder woorden brengen wat het zou kunnen zijn’ Gerrit Komrij

I wish I had more time…I would have written short stories.

Let yourself awaken by several stories below Do excite.

Under TheBigBitch You can read more about my avatar.

Under Columns available on current affairs are reactions.

Under Published articles in PDF are some (ancient) published articles.

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The links with You Tube but so are sometimes gone so ……..sometimes simply no background music.

Of translations go through
Sometimes the translation is not entirely correct or wrong words are used but usually the essence is to follow, and that is ultimately to !

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